Heating/Air conditioning/ Sanitary facilities/Electrical engineering - all in one!

Our services include:

  • Consulting and support for decision-making
  • Complete design services
  • Investigations / assessments
  • Site supervision


Every effort is made to ensure that both our conventional and more innovative heating-system designs are energy efficient. These include:

  • Hot water and steam boiler plant
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Application of regenerative energies
  • Piping engineering for district and local heating
  • Calorific value technology

Ventilation and air conditioning

Complicated calculations and simulations are made to ensure that the air-conditioning in a building corresponds to the highest standards for humidity and drying effects, cooling and flow regulation.

  • Ventilation plant
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration technology and water-cooling plant
  • Heat recovery
  • Smoke outlet systems
  • Air cleaning and treatment

Sanitary facilities

Cutting edge technology is applied to produce the most efficient boiler designs that avoid the dangers of e.g. “legionnaire's disease” in hot-water-systems.

  • Water supply and waste-water installations
  • Water treatment
  • Utilities supply installations
  • Swimming pool technologies
  • Fire prevention- and fire protection facilities

Electrical engineering

We design high-tech communication systems and peripherals for different demand categories.

  • High-voltage electrical installations and switch-points
  • Lighting
  • Communication systems
  • Alarm control centres, lightning protection
  • Emergency power supply
  • Lifts, elevators
  • Electrical components and facilities

Regenerative energies

This theme grows by the day, especially as the price of gas and electricity continues to rise!

  • Rain water collection plant
  • Heat pumps
  • Block heating and generating plant
  • Solar technology incl. PV and solar thermal
  • Bio-gas technologies
  • Wood-burning plant
  • Geothermal energy